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Type Magical beast
CR 1
Environment Temperate forest

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 174

Krenshars are magical beasts that resemble large panthers with no visible ears and with the ability to retract the skin of their heads over their necks, leaving their skulls and muscles visible and exposed.[1]

The krenshars' intelligence is a matter of some debate among scholars. The creatures do not exhibit language and tool use, and for the most part behave like other wild predators. However, they also persistently demonstrate great cunning in their hunts, and can prove dangerously intelligent when outmaneuvering prey.[1]


Krenshars are active predators, and primarily hunt animals such as deer and cattle; however, they have also been known to attack and hunt humanoids.[1]

The krenshars' distinctive retractable skin allows them to scavenge carrion without risk of filth or parasites becoming entangled in their fur; further, when the skin slides back into place after feeding, it wipes off any contaminants or vermin that have attached themselves to the beast's head. Krenshars also bare their heads to scare prey animals and herd them into ambushes. During courtship, male krenshars bare their skulls at each other to impress and intimidate rivals over potential mates, while females use the same ability to drive off unwanted suitors.[1]


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