Kurnugian jackal

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Kurnugian jackal

Source: Troubles in Otari, pg(s). 61

A Kurnugian jackal is a jackal granted gifts of intelligence and psychic powers by Lamashtu. Its name is derived from Kurnugia, Lamashtu's Abyssal realm.1


Upon birth, the only difference between a Kurnugian jackal and a mundane one is a third eye at the center of its forehead. At its apex of power, however, a Kurnugian jackal can grow to be twice the size of a mundane jackal.1


In addition to the hunting prowess of a mundane jackal, a Kurnugian jackal gains humanoid-level intelligence and the ability to hypnotize prey with its gaze. The jackal can then use its third eye to incite feelings of intense pain in those it has hynotized, and can remove memories of its acts from victims upon ending the hypnotic state. It can also inflict magical paralysis, see invisible objects, bend others to its will, emit tendrils of harmful darkness, and afflict others with unsettling, compulsory laughter.1


The holy symbol of Lamashtu, which resembles a Kurnugian jackal.

A Kurnugian jackal's powers come from its connection to the Mother of Monsters, the deity Lamashtu. With gleeful cruelty, it lures its prey into becoming lost in wilderness and feasts on the emotional helplessness, even repeating the process should the prey find its way home. If the prey dies, it eats the corpse's flesh.1


Kurnugian jackals resemble Lamashtu's religious symbol, and the Mother of Monsters' followers extend their reverence, and sometimes worship, to the jackals. Some cults go so far as to claim Kurnugian jackals speak directly to Lamashtu.1