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(Abyssal realm)

Vast realm of every type of environment
Monster-Infested World Ruled by Gnolls

Kurnugia is the largest Abyssal realm, ruled by the major goddess and demon lord called Lamashtu, the Demon Queen.1


Certain stories claim that Kurnugia was once ruled by the demon lord Areshkagal, a daughter of Lamashtu, but was purloined by Lamashtu before she ascended to goddess status. This story is denied by followers of Lamashtu and by Areshkagal herself.1


Kurnugia is so vast that no one description could do it justice – it is a region vast enough to contain whole planets and contains every known environment within it from freezing mountains to arid deserts to those incomprehensible in any normal understanding due to the nature of the Abyss. The realm is dominated by demons and fiendish gnolls.1


Some of Kurnugia's regions are:

Birthing Hills
The Birthing Hills are literally pregnant hills that issue forth monsters including demons and fiendish gnolls.1
Bloodgash Nations
The Bloodgash Nations are a group of thirteen kingdoms of fiendish gnolls.2
Goblin Tunnels
Within a valley in the Xorian Mountains, the Goblin Tunnels act as a portal from Kurnugia to Basalfeyst, an Abyssal Realm where Lamashtu's allies, the Goblin Hero-Gods, reside.1
Nightmare Fields
Lamashtu uses this forsaken place, the Nightmare Fields, to abandon captured victims who are tortured by seemingly real nightmares. These recreations of nightmares fertilize the native flowers.1
Tharsekti is a forested island in a stormy sea which is home to the largest nation of gnolls with the Abyssal Realm. The ruler is called Vandaku, a gigantic monster. Within the sea, a nascent demon lord called Kalvakus resides.1
Xorian Mountains
The huge peaks of the Xorian Mountains mark one of the borders of Kurnugia and are full of monsters ruled by the nascent demon lord called Daclau-Sar.1
At the heart of Kurnugia lies Lamashtu's diamond-shaped palace-city of Yanaron. Here many of Lamashtu's followers vie for power including the nascent demon lords Nightripper, Izyagna and Murnath.1


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