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Nation Cheliax
Region Archduchy of the Heartlands
Size Small town
Population 1,590
Demographics 1,401 humans, 138 halflings, 51 other
Government Overlord
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Archbaron Darellus Fex

Source: The Hellfire Compact, pg(s). 62-67

The town of Longacre in central Cheliax stands on the Fields of Chelam near the western edge of the Whisperwood[1] and forms the regional centre of the Archbarony of Longacre within the Archduchy of the Heartlands.[2] Some believe that it is a gathering place for Chelish military veterans who have been censured for openly (or privately) criticizing the government or House Thrune.[3]


Paizo published a major article about Longacre in The Hellfire Compact, and the town is the adventure's setting.

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