Citadel Dinyar

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The symbol of the Order of the Godclaw Hellknights

Citadel Dinyar was the base of operations for the Order of the Godclaw Hellknights under Lictor Resarc Ountor.1 The citadel was seized by the Iomedaean Glorious Reclamation in 4715 AR.2


Citadel Dinyar features spidery buttresses and steeples reminiscent of cathedrals throughout the region. Visitors are confronted by grim statues of the Order's patron deities and this theme is repeated in the mountain stone and fortress's statuary. The path to the citadel proper is long, winded and easily defended.

Past this lies the Ardant Fist, the chapel-keep. The five mighty bells, known as the Empyrean Edicts, ring loudly from here. The rest of the complex is comprised of cramped cells and cloistered walks, though rumours persist of hidden holy spots and shrines within the fortress and hidden in the adjacent mountains.3


Construction of the Citadel began in 4665 AR when the Order relocated to Cheliax.4 The construction was organised by Miron Vagaul, Hellknight and dwarven cleric of Torag.3 From their location in the Aspodell Mountains east of the Chitterwood within Isger, the Hellknight order was able to quickly ride to other locations within Isger, or beyond to Cheliax, or even Andoran at the call of the temple-fortress' great bells.5


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