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Traits Uncommon
Level 17
Images of luscas

Source: Belly of the Black Whale, pg(s). 83

Type Magical beast
CR 17
Environment Warm oceans
Images of luscas

Source: Isles of the Shackles, pg(s). 53

Lusca are a terror of the sea, a seemingly gargantuan cross between a three-headed shark and an octopus.[1][2]


Luscas often grow longer than 90 feet from the snout to the end of their tentacles, and weigh up to 3,800 pounds.[1]

On Golarion

Luscas are at home in Golarion's warmer oceans,[1] lurking deep in lightless sinkholes that plunge far beneath the sea floor. They are not the dominant predators in these depths, which they share with aboleths and krakens,[2] but they are powerful enough to capsize and sink ships when they approach the surface.[1][2]


The flesh of a lusca is superconductive, and can stir electrical storms spanning two miles in radius should they linger near the surface for more than an hour. It can also control and unleash lightning and accompanying winds.[2]

Its tentacles are venomous, delivering a debilitating poison upon contact.[2]

Luscas can smell blood from a mile away, and see in the dark.[2]

In the Great Beyond

Luscas are among the predators native to the Jungle of Worms in the Plane of Water.[3]