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Valeros, Lini, and Droogami deal with a giant mantis. Or this is a common mantis and the heroes are a few centimeters tall.

The term mantis can refer to a family of insect species that share common characteristics. They are also known as praying mantises for how the posture of their front limbs resembles hands raised in prayer.[1]

Mantises are often several inches long. Giant mantises are human-sized relatives of the common mantis, and massive deadly mantises tower over even their giant kin.[2]

On Golarion

Two mantis arms comprise the symbol of Achaekek.

In culture

Motifs of mantises prevail in the worship of Achaekek, and within the deity's affiliated assassin-worshipers, the Red Mantis. Many wear red masks called masks of the mantis that resemble a mantis's head, and wield sawtooth sabres that resemble a mantis's claws.[3]


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