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Valeros, Lini, and Droogami deal with a giant mantis. Or this is a common mantis and the heroes are a few centimeters tall.

The term mantis can refer to a family of insect species that share common characteristics. They are also known as praying mantises for how the posture of their front limbs resembles hands raised in prayer.1

Mantises are often several inches long. Giant mantises are human-sized relatives of the common mantis, and massive deadly mantises tower over even their giant kin.2

On Golarion

Two mantis arms comprise the symbol of Achaekek.

In culture

Motifs of mantises prevail in the worship of Achaekek, and within the deity's affiliated assassin-worshipers, the Red Mantis. Many wear red masks called masks of the mantis that resemble a mantis's head, and wield sawtooth sabres that resemble a mantis's claws.3


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