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Giant mantis

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Giant mantis
A giant mantis faces its foes.
Type Vermin
CR 3
Environment Temperate forests
Images of giant mantises

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 200
This article is about the insectoid vermin. For the shrimp, see giant mantis shrimp.

Giant mantises are massive forms of the common insectoid vermin.[1]

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Giant mantises can be summoned by spellcasters, and some Red Mantis assassins prefer them out of devotion to Achaekek, the Mantis God.[2][3][4][5] Indeed, Red Mantis assassins can grow powerful enough to take the form of a giant red mantis.[5] Giant mantises sometimes even serve as animal companions,[6] especially to druids of Achaekek.[7]

On Golarion

Giant mantises are hardy enough to live in extreme environs, and range from the jungles near Saventh-Yhi[8] to the Border Wood of Taldor,[9] and the area around Tumen in Osirion.[10] However, they do not easily handle cold climates, such as Irrisen.[9]

Their connection to Achaekek makes giant mantises commonly favored creatures by operatives of the Red Mantis. Their scarlet vigil occult ritual requires a giant mantis' claw.[11]