Giant mantis

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Giant mantis
A giant mantis faces its foes.
This article is about the insectoid vermin. For the shrimp, see giant mantis shrimp.

Giant mantises are massive relatives of common mantises.12


Giant mantises can be summoned by spellcasters, and some Red Mantis assassins prefer them out of devotion to Achaekek, the Mantis God.3456 Indeed, Red Mantis assassins can grow powerful enough to take the form of a giant red mantis.6 Giant mantises sometimes even serve as animal companions,7 especially to druids of Achaekek.8

On Golarion

Giant mantises are hardy enough to live in extreme environs, and range from the jungles near Saventh-Yhi9 to the Border Wood of Taldor,10 and the area around Tumen in Osirion.11 However, they do not easily handle cold climates, such as Irrisen.10

Their connection to Achaekek makes giant mantises commonly favored creatures by operatives of the Red Mantis. Their scarlet vigil occult ritual requires a giant mantis' claw.12


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