Maxillar Pythareus

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Maxillar Pythareus
Titles High Strategos
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Class Cavalier 14
Gender Male
Homeland Zimar, Taldor
Organization House Pythareus
Born ca. 4676 AR
Animal Companion His horse, Honor
Companion(s) Milon Jeroth
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Source: City in the Lion's Eye, pg(s). 58–59

High Strategos Maxillar Pythareus, also known as Maxillar of House Pythareus, is a loyalist and advisor of Grand Prince Stavian III of Taldor, commander-in-chief of the nation's military, war hero,[1] and ruler of Zimar.[2][3]


Maxillar is a well-built, handsome, but weathered man with short silver hair.[3]


Maxillar is the descendant of Admiral Arminus Pythareus, who led a naval attack on Absalom in the 40th century AR, and Colonel Sarius "Lion of Zimar" Pythareus, who led the liberation of Zimar during the Grand Campaign while he was still a young captain.[2][4] Sarius's daring actions and the resulting fame established House Pythareus as a prominent force in Zimar after the war.[4]


Milon Jeroth is a confidante, advisor, and covert spymaster for Maxillar.[5]


Maxillar was raised among the most prestigious tutors and scholars, while his father educated him in combat. As a teenager, his misogynistic behavior toward female classmates led to criticism from some of his teachers, particularly military scholar Tae Amalon, who died shortly after threatening to pull her endorsement of Maxillar's application to a Taldan school for military officers.[4]

Political beliefs

The High Strategos is a skilled military leader and a charitable giver, but also a racist, sexist, classist nationalist who believes Taldor's decline is due to the growing power of women, non-human races, foreign merchants, and the lower classes. He feels especially threatened by the growing influence of Eutropia Stavian.[4]

As ruler of Zimar

Maxillar is a strict but beloved ruler, and governs the city from the towering fortress of Abadar's Pillar.[4][6]

Heir apparent

In 4718 AR, Grand Prince Stavian III named Maxillar Pythareus as his heir apparent prior to the Grand Day of Exaltation ceremony.[7]


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