Merciless (speech)

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Daidian Ruel.
This article is about the speech by Daidian Ruel. For the ship involved in the Siege of Endrin Isle, see Merciless.

"Merciless" was the name given to a moving speech by Daidian Ruel to the court of King Gaspodar of Cheliax in Sarenith of 4576 AR. The speech not only won Ruel a royal pardon from his vigilante crimes, it also led to the founding of the Hellknights, particularly Ruel's precursor to the Order of the Rack.123


Within hours of his arrest in Sarenith of 4576 AR for leading a posse of vigilantes that hunted cultists of the Path of Grace during the White Plague, Daidian Ruel's compatriots had broken him out of prison—against his own orders—and fled to Fort Rivad, then a Taldan ruin. He subsequently returned to Westcrown and gave this impassioned speech indicting Cheliax's inaction against corruption and chaos before King Gaspodar, who was so moved that he pardoned Ruel and commissioned him to form a new knightly order. This order soon became the foundation of the Hellknights, and "Merciless" remains one of the Hellknights' most important philosophical texts.123


Excerpts from "Merciless" appear in What Lies in Dust p. 61 and Path of the Hellknight p. 2.

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