Mind quakes

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Mind quakes are an affliction linked to the Dominion of the Black and Aucturn known to affect people around the Inner Sea region.12

In northern Avistan

This affliction affected many people in Numeria and Sarkoris shortly after an explosion in Silver Mount killed an entire tribe in -3116 AR. Those afflicted were overwhelmed with alien thoughts, sciences, and strange emotions. Ramlock, then a priest of Desna, was the only known afflicted person who did not end up going on a killing spree that ended with their own deaths.1

In Osirion

Mind quakes are referenced in some Ancient Osirian hieroglyphs alluding to the Dominion of the Black, which suggest that mind quakes offer unspecified gifts to some and "obliteration" to others. Radical Osirionologists believe this suggests a link between Osirion's rapid magical and technological advancement and alien influence, and that the Aucturn-fanatic Pharaoh of Numbers might have been afflicted with mind quakes.23

The Androsphinx of Zukebri, located near other monuments built by the Four Pharaohs, emits a continuous scream of psychic energy reportedly similar to mind quakes. Few are immune to its overwhelming effects, and those who are immune share no obvious commonalities save for a psychic potential. It is unclear what purpose the Androsphinx serves.3

The Veinstone Pyramid contains a chamber of hieroglyphs that links the Dominion of the Black to both mind quakes and the four Pharaohs of Ascension.4


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