Androsphinx of Zukebri

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The Androsphinx of Zukebri is an ancient monument in Osirion's Underdunes in the form of a sphinx, with a bronze-cast face of an unknown pharaoh and massive ruby and sapphire adornments. Powerful magic protects it from the Underdunes' constantly shifting sands and leaves it at the center of a perfectly circular crater of flat ground, and any who approach it are assaulted by its piercing telepathic screams similar to mind quakes. The monument also seems to weep tears of unknown black fluid.[1][2][3]

A cult of Lamashtu, comprised of the rare people unaffected by its telepathic attacks and possibly inspired by another Lamashtan cult near Eto, worships the monument and is known to sacrifice travelers who draw near.[1][2] Occult researchers have attempted to link the androsphinx to the 11 gifts reportedly given to the Four Pharaohs by "Emissaries" from Aucturn in the Calosian Manuscript.[3]


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