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Aberration; formerly human (Kellid)
Wizard (formerly)
Aucturn; formerly Sarkoris
Source: Doomsday Dawn, pg(s). 4–5, 94

Ramlock is a former priest of Desna who was driven mad by mind quakes. He also created the Veinstone Pendulum and wrote The Last Theorem. He was warped into an aberration and seeks to bring about the end of Golarion from Aucturn.1


Early years and affliction

In -3116 AR, when exploring the wreck of the Divinity, a Numerian warlord accidentally activated a long-dormant weapon of the Dominion of the Black. For millennia afterwards, the Kellids around the area were struck by mind quakes. Ramlock was one such victim. Afflicted centuries after the activation of the weapon, unlike most other victims, he did not commit desperate murders that ended in his death; instead, he resisted the mind quake long enough to lock himself in a cavern beneath the standing stones sacred to his sect, located on the site of the future Sarkorian city of Undarin. Desna's other priests brought him food and water, but were forbidden from releasing him.12

For many weeks, Ramlock scratched equations, notes, and theories into the walls of the cavern, while trying to decipher the mind quake. Eventually, he seemingly and spontaneously recovered, and convinced the other priests to release him. However, in understanding the alien lore, Ramlock had expunged his ability to reason into his writings: forgetting what he wrote and emerging as a pawn of the Dominion of the Black, he murdered the priests and fled before his tribe could do anything.13

River Kingdoms

Ramlock abandoned his faith in Desna, moved to the River Kingdoms and became a wizard. He built a tower near the Moonmere, a supposedly magical pool that was said to reflect visions from other worlds in the full moon, in order to harness its power. He wrote The Last Theorem, a treatise on Dominion culture, philosophy, and science, disguised as one about mathematics. Ramlock tried, but never succeeded, to understand the alien mysteries in his mind, and was convinced that the key lied in a theoretical axiom he simply could not grasp. He called it the White Axiom, unaware that he had already left it behind in the caverns where he spent his last weeks of humanity.145


Ramlock left Avistan and moved to Osirion, where his skill in wizardry grew but the White Axiom was still elusive. Believing incorrectly that the original mind quake was an incomplete gift, he became obsessed with contacting the Dominion, in the hopes that he could then learn the White Axiom. He started to focus on astronomy, particularly Aucturn.1

As his research grew weirder, Ramlock started to be ostracised by his Osirian peers. He initially contemplated moving even further south until four ascending pharaohs, who had formed a pact, approached him. The Pharaohs of Ascension, as they were called, were fascinated by Ramlock's skill and promised to aid him to create a home that could also be used as their future tombs.1

Ramlock's Hallow

Ramlock agreed and, in a remote valley, he created the demiplane known as Ramlock's Hallow. Within it he created a pyramid made of veinstone from Numeria, a type of stone especially valued in Ancient Osirion, that would serve as the pharaohs' tomb.16

For many years, Ramlock stayed in the Hallow, leaving only to ask for money or rare material from the Four Pharaohs, who had since ascended to the throne. Eventually, he decided that his humanity and the structure of the human brain were the true obstacle blocking him from the lore imparted by the mind quake. He grew obsessed with Aucturn, believing that if he could entomb himself there, he could become something more than human.1

Within his workshop in the Hallow, Ramlock built the Veinstone Pendulum, which would synchronise itself to the cycle of conjunctions between Golarion, Aucturn, and the sun. Upon the next conjunction, he left Golarion through a portal to Aucturn and began the transformation of his physical body. Ramlock was unaware that the Veinstone Pendulum was more than just a portal: its power grew with each conjunction, and upon the 111th conjunction in 4718 AR, the portal would overload, merging the planets, destroying Golarion, and awakening Aucturn as a Great Old One. During his transformation, which would last until the same date, Ramlock dreamt of his return to and reign over a Golarion inhabited by squamous things from the Dark Tapestry.17


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