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The psychic Rivani and spiritualist Estra wield different styles of psychic magic against hryngars.
This article covers the type of magic. For the spellcasting class, see Psychic.

Psychic magic, also called psionics or mindcraft,1 is one of the three classically considered types of magic (along with arcane and divine magic) that can manifest in the form of spells and spell-like effects. It is unique for its focus on the spellcaster's internal powers—drawing magic through emotion and will rather than through study, birthright, or divine grant—and thus psychic magic is in the occult magic tradition.23


Psychic magic spells are purely mental, eschewing the verbal and most material traits of other magic types, in favor of the powers of emotion and thought.2


On Golarion

On most of Golarion, and particularly in the Inner Sea region, psychic magic is much rarer than arcane or divine magic. However, there are places in the world where psychic magic is more commonly studied or practiced:

In Quantium, the Arcanamirium of Absalom, and northern Garund, non-psychic spellcasters also study psychic magic and attempt to reproduce some of its effects through other means.15

On distant worlds

Within Golarion's solar system, the world of Castrovel has several creatures capable of using psychic powers, ranging from plants to the intelligent races.56 The lashunta in particular pursue oneness through psychic magic.6

On Akiton, the Contemplatives of Ashok wield psychic magic, as do shobhad and ratfolk clans. Brethedans and Liavarans also practice psychic magic.6


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