Aucturn Enigma

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The Aucturn Enigma is a theory connecting the rapid technological and magical advances that occurred during the reign of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension in Ancient Osirion to strange and powerful forces from the planet Aucturn. The most widely known scholar studying the Aucturn Enigma was the Chelish Paracount Imivus, who authored the Aucturn Lexicon and probably died while exploring the demiplane of Ramlock's Hallow.1

The enigma is especially tied to the numbers 56 and 11, the alignment of the planets Golarion and Aucturn—which occurs every 56 years—the Numerian mineral veinstone, and the phenomena of mind quakes.231


Paizo published a minor article on the Aucturn Enigma in Occult Mysteries, p6–7.

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