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Miraina Olviris

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Miraina Olviris

Head Botanist
Source: Borne by the Sun's Grace, pg(s). 58

Head Botanist Miraina Olviris is the head of the botany department in Kimanéz University, the most experienced arcane botanist in Jolizpan, and the member of the city council who represents its infrastructure interests. She is known for being a jovial, generous person and gifted academic and teacher, and often invites people she meets to her home.123


Miraina is a short, stout, grandmotherly woman with grey hair, a deeply lined, expressive face and keen eyes. She often wears flowers in her hair and clothing adorned with Jolizpan's floral patterns.1


Miraina is married to a farmer who works at Kimanéz Farm and has several children with him.1 Her son, High Mediator Jesolis Olviris, serves alongside her in Jolizpan's city council.2


Miraina knows an expansive network of contacts whom she could call on to help with almost all situations.1


Miraina grew up with the stories of the good old days when the Veins of Creation still existed and provided for Xopatl. Emulating the arcane botanists in these stories and determined to return her nation to the golden age, Miraina began studying magic and botany. She was further motivated when the botanists in the Blue Gardens of Tlil developed the first miniature ley line network when she was an adolescent. Seeing the concrete progress, Miraina applied at the Kimanéz University, where she excelled before joining the Blue Gardens a few years later. She made significant contributions to the development of the small ley line networks and the restoration of Jolizpan but still believed there was a way to restore the original Veins of Creation.1

For the next few years, Miraina visited Tumbaja Mountain and directly studied the dead kumaru tree that once provided for the Veins of Creation. She made a breakthrough when she identified a strange energy within the tree and pieced the role played by Aroden in the failure of the Veins of Creation, but could not find a way to expel his spiritual echo and bring the tree to life. Miraina then took a break from work at the Blue Gardens and continued her research at home to raise her children, before returning when they became adults.1