Veins of Creation

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The Veins of Creation were a network of living, magical ley lines that underpinned the Arcadian nation of Xopatl. These ley lines were manipulated by Xopatl's unique arcane botanists who utilised them to create incredible artifacts as they provided a practically limitless source of magical energy. The Veins of Creation were also used to power numerous more mundane magical effects across Xopatl, from magical defences to forges all the way down to simply lighting someone's home. The heart of the Veins of Creation was the Kumaru tree, located within the pyramid known as the Tumbaja Mountain near the city of Jolizpan.1


The Veins of Creation played an enormous part in Xopatl's history and prosperity up until the start of the Age of Lost Omens. The Veins of Creation also intertwine with the history of Aroden, the now deceased god of humanity. In -1524 AR a then mortal Aroden arrived in Xopatl to study the Veins of Creation and the Kumaru tree from which the Veins flowed. Despite spending years living in Jolizpan trying to earn the trust of the locals, Aroden was unable to gain access to the Kumaru tree. It was not until he met the goddess Arazni, also still mortal at this time, that, by assisting in her research, Aroden was granted access to the tree. Their research soon bore fruit and after many years of serving Xopatl with their research, including helping to defend against an attack from the neighbouring Razatlani empire and personally slaying its leader Imictal and his legendary Army of Fire, they were eventually granted unrestricted access to the Kumaru tree. While Arazni completed her research within a few years, Aroden remained. He placed a small fragment of his soul within the tree which granted Aroden greater control over the Kumaru tree and the Veins of Creation than anyone had ever had before him. He used this to grow a branch of the Kumaru tree back in on itself multiple times, which he eventually used in the creation of the Shield of Aroden.1

Aroden's duplicitous fusing of his own soul with the sacred Kumaru tree went unnoticed, and he left Arcadia shortly after this. The Veins of Creation continued to help Xopatl prosper for millennia afterwards. Research into the Veins of Creation continued in and around the city of Jolizpan and eventually, in 4598 AR, botanists built a dedicated research centre at Tumbaja Mountain which they called the Blue Gardens of Tlil. But none realised that the tree's incredible longevity was actually due to the fragment of Aroden's soul (who was now a full-blown god) lodged within the tree.1 When Aroden died in 4606 AR it caused the Kumaru tree to instantly wither, completely shutting down the Veins of Creation and their magical power. Despite over a century of research the botanist of Xopatl have been unable to revive the Kumaru tree. Instead they have turned their research towards recreating a much smaller, less powerful version of the Veins of Creation in select parts of Xopatl, an effort that has been quite successful in many ways.2


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