Tumbaja Mountain

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Tumbaja Mountain is a pyramid located in northwestern Xopatl, on the northern edge of Jolizpan Forest, near the Mildanesi Mountains, 30 miles northeast of Jolizpan.1 Made from shards of the Starstone with veins of empowered djezet and gold, it was constructed early in the Age of Darkness by the hero-gods who founded Xopatl with the power they gained from the Starstone, as a place where they could share their knowledge and hone their abilities.2

Several decades after the last hero-god ascended and left Tumbaja Mountain, it was discovered by Xopatli explorers, who found that the pyramid still held great power, which infused the plants growing within the cracks of the stone. Over the next several years, they cultivated plants for the purpose of tapping into these energies—the prototype of the Veins of Creation. The most powerful of them, the kumaru tree, was grown in Tumbaja Mountain's high central chamber, nourished by magic.2


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