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A mockingfey.
Type Fey
CR 1
Environment Any forests
(First World)
Images of mockingfey

Source: Inner Sea Bestiary, pg(s). 31

Mockingfey are diminutive fey, native to the First World, but occasionally found on Golarion. In their original form they appear as parrots with brilliant plumage, humanoid heads with elongated ears, and two curling horns or antennae. They possess the magical ability to transform themselves into the likeness of any creature, although they always retain their small stature.[1]

Mockingfey are friendly and useful allies toward those who treat them well. Their insatiable curiosity makes them always well informed about their area. Their curiosity usually makes them among the first creatures to go through from the First World to the Material Plane every time a planar rift occurs. Colonies of mockingfey are found in Kyonin, the River Kingdoms, the Border Wood of Taldor, and sylvan groves around the Inner Sea.[1][2]

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Relationships with other creatures


Mockingfey and gathlains get along very well together sharing a similar love for the same practical jokes and unsubtle comedy that quickly alienates both species from others' society.[3]