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A gathlain kineticist.

By class
Temperate forests or jungles
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 122

Gathlains are among the oldest fey ancestries.1[citation needed]


The Owl and the Albatross, two gathlain sorcerers.

Gathlains resemble lithe humanoids with wings made of wood and vine.2


Gathlains grow from the seeds of an enormous magical tree, which often drift for hundreds of miles before growing into a gathlain. The tree's mistletoe develops into the adolescent gathlain's wings. Gathlains have no biological sex and cannot reproduce sexually.2


Gathlains are naturally inquisitive, place special importance on art, discovery, experimentation, and storytelling, and are usually led by popular explorers considered to be idols to be emulated and sources of gossip. Gathlains are mischievous and capricious, and act purely to entertain themselves and sate their curiosity, often engaging in raucous romances. Due to their lack of biological sex, gathlains are uninterested in gender, have no gender-specific names, and find the gender roles or sexual orientations of other ancestries quaint.23

Relationships with other creatures

Gathlains freely associate with other fey in courts where interesting or admirable members are given fancy titles. They usually stay in these courts only temporarily, whether for a season or decades. Gathlain adventurers usually migrate to the Universe or explore the strangest parts of the First World, and frequently seek out gnomes, who consider gathlains flighty, foolish, and undisciplined.2

Giant bees

Gathlains have learned to domesticate giant bees, which they use to travel long distances.4


Mockingfey and gathlains get along very well together sharing a similar love for the same practical jokes and unsubtle comedy that quickly alienates both species from others' society.5


Gathlains find religion strange. While they pay homage to the Eldest in exchange for protection, they consider such behaviour tantamount to giving offerings to petty monarchs.2


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