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Moldering Emperor

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Moldering Emperor

Source: Descent into Midnight, pg(s). 83

The Moldering Emperor is a powerful neothelid that was one of the very first creatures to be warped by exposure to black blood.1 It lairs in the Hanging Forest in the vault of Orv known as the Land of Black Blood, but can also be found hunting in the regions next to the forest.[citation needed]

Its form resembles a neothelid covered in black ooze, and decorated with writhing tendrils and vestigial wings. It claims ownership of all of the Land of Black Blood that is in contact with black blood, and is hostile towards intruders.2

The Moldering Emperor is served, directly or indirectly, by the cloakers of the Hanging Forest.3

There are no known sightings of creatures similar to the Moldering Emperor. However, some fear that the unmapped depths of the Caltherium hide other such creatures, and if the Moldering Emperor was slain another monster would rise up from the lake and claim its territory.4


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