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Cloakers on the attack
Type Aberration
CR 5
Environment Underground
Images of cloakers

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 47

Cloakers, or fulthrethus, look like monstrous manta rays that have long tails that end in a bony whip. Horns beside their heads end in thumb-like claws and are as black as their oversize skin. Their underside is pale and it contains a fang-filled mouth and two red eyes. Their wings spread farther than a grown man can reach, and they fly quickly at an average quality.

Cloakers were created by alghollthus in order to spy on their Azlanti thralls. Loyal Azlanti leaders were rewarded with cloaker bodyguards and assassins.

When the alghollthus destroyed Old Azlant, they cast out the cloakers, who fled to the Darklands. Most aquatic cloakers returned to serve the alghollthus, but the remainder informally serve the Great Old Ones.

Cloakers in the Darklands are equally distributed between Sekamina and Orv. Cloakers tend to avoid Nar-Voth due to its proximity to the surface and its many humanoid settlements.

Cloakers may have tattoos that resemble Varisian tattoos, but the source of the cloakers' tattoos is a much different and much older in origin.[1]

There are several variant types of cloakers, from amphibious, to assassin, fungoid, halfbreed, priest, shadowbrood, stinger, vampire, and webspinner.[2]


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