Hanging Forest

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The Hanging Forest stands at the western edge of the Land of Black Blood, one of the vaults of Orv. It is a region of tree-sized fungi, and takes its name from the fact that mushrooms not only grow out of the vault floor – they also hang down from the ceiling in a strange symmetry. Occasionally, these massive hanging mushrooms fall to the floor, potentially with unfortunate results for anyone passing underneath at the time. 1


The hanging mushrooms are home to bats, and also tribes of cloakers. The floor section is home to the fearsome Moldering Emperor. 1


  • The Mouldering Emperor makes its lair in the largest of the forest's mushrooms, a 250 foot high specimen known as the Fetid Palace. 2
  • The forest is the site of the Land of Black Blood's last remaining shrine to the bat-god Camazotz, known as the Livid Sanctum.3