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Any ruins or underground
Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 191

Mongrelmen are a peculiar race of patchwork humanoids who make their homes in the tunnels of Nar-Voth. They have the ability not only to mate with nearly any type of humanoid creature, but the offspring of such unions takes on characteristics of both parents. Thus, there is very little conformity in appearance in the mongrelman race.1


There is no simple way to describe the way a mongrelman might look. Their appearances vary greatly based on that particular individual's lineage. They have a multitude of different racial features that would appear to have come from the many different humanoid races. Most mongrelmen appear as deformed humanoids, a collection of various traits that do not belong together.1


Mongrelmen are one of the groups of descendants of the Azlanti who hid underground to escape the destruction of Earthfall.2 Their ability to breed with almost any humanoid creature, adding new mutations with every generation, has led these creatures to quickly adapt and survive the dangers of Nar-Voth.1

Habitat and society

Mongrelmen are the most friendly and hospitable to surface dwellers among the inhabitants of Nar-Voth, sometimes trading with them or providing shelter. This benevolence to outsiders is an attribute that has not garnered them many friends in those darkened tunnels.13


The mongrelmen's pantheon is culled from a wide range of other racial pantheons, with the most commonly worshiped deities being Gozreh, Pharasma, and Sivanah.1

On other worlds

These hybrid creatures can be found on the other planets of the solar system wherever inter-species cross-breeding occurs.4


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