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Type Multiple tribes
Headquarters None
Scope Regional (Shaguang)

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 36

The Mutabi-qi is the name given to the tribal inhabitants of the Shaguang Desert who wander across those harsh lands. The lands of Shaguang were technically claimed by the Empire of Imperial Lung Wa but, in reality, the Mutabi-qi were barely affected when the empire fell a century ago. Ethnically, the Mutabi-qi are originally of the Tian-La but they have developed their own culture. Despite the harshness of Shaguang, the Mutabi-qi hold a deep-seated appreciation for the beauty of this land. They are a nomadic culture that travels between the various oases that dot the length and breadth of the desert. The Mutabi-qi generally avoid the areas nearest to the Wall of Heaven Mountains as they are infested with huge vermin, hungry bulettes, ferocious death worms, and even sentient menaces like lamias and tribes of ash giants.[1] The Mutabi-qi also try to avoid the migratory route of the colossal kaiju known as Yorak, the Horned Thunder; those whose territory Yorak wanders into have learned to appease him by holding festivals full of song, dance, and lots of loud drumming, which seem to calm Yorak's otherwise infamous temper.[2]


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