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Source: Ready? Fight!, pg(s). 71

Yorak, the Horned Thunder, is a rhinoceros-like kaiju who wanders the desert of Shanguang.1


Yorak's horn is tall enough to pierce the skies, and his brilliant jade-coloured eyes perpetually scan the horizon. His frame is always surrounded by large thunderclouds, which crackle with green bolts and occasionally strike his horn. Yorak's steady, deliberate gait is sometimes compared to Shanguang's late summer thunderstorms, and many such storms follow in his wake. A traveller only needs to approach within a few miles of Yorak to feel his presence, which manifests as heightened ambient electricity, deep reverberations hitting one's torso, and entire landslides of soil that Yorak sheds. When angered, he unleashes terrible grunts and snuffling noises that feel like a thousand lightning strikes.1


Yorak despises tall structures and goes out of his way to demolish them, sometimes even trying to crush mountains; he reserves his full power to other kaiju who wander into his territory. He is also seemingly capable of sensing powerful villains and has crushed many of them, leaving behind legendary caches of treasure, though stealing these treasures might also attract Yorak's ire.1


Legend has it that Yorak was once a human who sought ultimate strength. When he reached the peak of power, Yorak grew distraught and forgot why he sought such power, until his pain turned his form monstrous. It is said that a family of smiths in a mountain village in Shanguang had ties to Yorak.1


The Mutabi-qi of Shanguang know Yorak's territory well, and those who live near his migratory path try hard to appease him with festivals of music and dance, to which Yorak reacts with terrible glee.1


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