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The neutral evil alignment promotes pain, anguish, misery, corruption, and destruction as tool to be used for the individual's gain.[citation needed]


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Doru, a type of div, are neutral evil.
I am the most important thing in creation.
  — Ultimate Campaign, page 136

Neutral evil characters have no compunctions about using any sort of evil act to get what they want. They do whatever they must to achieve their aims and do not feel remorse about it. Such characters break laws and posses no illusions that having any sort of code of conduct, or operating within a legal system, would make their actions any less reprehensible. This sort of evil character sometimes commits evil for its own sake, viewing it as the way the world is or as an act of worship devoted to a foul deity.1[citation needed]


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Norgorber is example of a neutral evil deity. He believes in evil for the sake of evil; practices lying, theft and assassination for their own sake; and might have some higher goal. His secretive nature conceals these goals from even his followers.2 The other major neutral evil deity is the disease-loving deity Urgathoa, who believes in spreading rotten corruption to every corner of the world.3


The race of daemons are the planar embodiment of the neutral evil ethos. Unlike devils with their tyrannous enslavement and demons with their lust for constant, varied destruction, daemons focus on death and entropy. Unlike demons, they do not revel in destruction; instead, they seek the death and end of every creature in the entire multiverse using evil acts as a means to that end.4 Another group of neutral evil outsiders are the div, who try to destroy mortal life by destroying and perverting all of its creations, turning society's great triumphs against itself and exposing mortal fragility. Their preferred method is to use human pawns and exploiting the worst aspects of humanity to help them destroy it.5


Paizo published a section on neutral evil deities, characters, and philosophies in Champions of Corruption.

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