Nahljari Halkiri

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Nahljari Halkiri

Source: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen, pg(s). 66

Nahljari Halkiri is a graveknight that haunts the island of Kaina Katakha near Jalmeray. She was originally descended from the indigenous peoples of Jalmeray, who relocated to Kaina Katakha instead of assimilating when the island was gifted to the Vudrani maharajah Khiben-Sald. When the Arclords of Nex took over Jalmeray and, seeing the people of Kaina Katakha as trespassers, threatened an invasion, Nahljari rose up to defend her people alongside the bronze dragon Impranisos, only to be destroyed by the Scepter of the Arclords, which reduced the island to ashes. In recent years, some smugglers have reported a bronze-clad warrior riding on a skeletal dragon.1


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