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Titles Maharajah
Race/Species Human (Vudrani)
Gender Male
Homeland Vudra

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 206

The mighty land of Vudra in Casmaron was united by the legendary Maharajah Khiben-Sald, from whom the present day maharajah of Vudra traces his descent.[1]


Khiben-Sald is said to have been a direct descendant of the mighty Vudran kings who slew Kothogaz, one of the terrible Spawn of Rovagug who ravaged Vudra.[2] He is also known to have slain the jungle princess Chhaya in her palace.[3]

Visit to the Inner Sea Region

In 563 AR, Khiben-Sald and his traveling court arrived in a fleet of 101 ships at the city of Quantium in Nex.[4][5] This was the first recorded instance of Vudrani arriving in the Inner Sea region. The archmage Nex granted Khiben-Sald dominion over the Isle of Jalmeray, and he remained there for ten years before returning to Vudra.[6]

Neither Khiben-Sald nor Nex asked the island's native human population's permission when they took over the island. Instead, Khiben-Sald bought them off with magical treasures to avoid an armed rebellion. Some of these natives decided to flee to the nearby island of Kaina Katakha, not wishing to become Vudran servants. This decision intrigued the maharajah, who let them continue living there in peace, and considered the island his own personal sanctuary of exotic primitives.[7]

During his stay, he heavily influenced the culture of the people of the island, built countless temples to Vudran deities, and called elemental creatures to help transform Jalmeray into a better likeness of his homeland.[8]

Khiben-Sald is also known to have visited the city of Absalom during his stay, and it was he who declared it to be the "Great Jewel of the Inner Sea". His visit also triggered a brief Vudran architectural fad; a few of the teardrop domes can still be seen in Absalom to this day.[9]

At the end of the decade, he left behind numerous glorious monuments (including the Pure Temple of the Maharajah)[8] and bound genies.[10]