Kaina Katakha

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Kaina Katakha, or Kaina Katakka, is a reportedly haunted island off the western coast of Jalmeray, near the islands of Grand Sarret and Veedesha. The closest larger settlement to Kaina Katakha is the capital of Niswan.1


When the Archmage Nex first granted the islands of Jalmeray to the Vudran Maharajah Khiben-Sald in the sixth century AR, the area was not devoid of human life. Its indigenous inhabitants lived in harmony with nature, but were eventually bought off with magic offered by Nex and Khiben-Sald. They were given a choice: leave Jalmeray or become slaves to the Vudrani. Many of those who chose exile fled to the island of Kaina Katakha, a decision that intrigued the maharajah. He left them in peace, treating the island of indigenous people almost like an exotic game preserve of unusual humans. The inhabitants of Kaina Katakha continued to live their lives until the Arclords of Nex took over Jalmeray after the departure of the Vudrani. Unwilling to tolerate what they considered to be trespassers on their land, the Arclords killed everyone living on the island, reducing it to ruins and ash.1

The island today

The island is generally avoided, as it is believed to be haunted by the original, indigenous inhabitants of Jalmeray. This has not stopped smugglers from using it as a place to hide their goods for many years.1


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