Kaina Katakha

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Kaina Katakha, or Kaina Katakka, is a haunted island off the western coast of Jalmeray, near the islands of Grand Sarret and Veedesha. The nearest large settlement to Kaina Katakha is the capital of Niswan.1


When the Archmage Nex first granted the islands of Jalmeray to the Vudran Maharajah Khiben-Sald in 563 AR, the area was not devoid of human life. Its indigenous Sunghari people lived in harmony with nature. Khiben-Sald, who was intrigued by the native people, gave them a choice: leave Jalmeray or accept his gifts and serve the Vudrani. Most agreed, while many chose exile fled to the island of Kaina Katakha.2

The maharajah left them in peace, treating the island of indigenous people like an exotic preserve of unusual humans, before leaving a decade later. A contingent of Sunghari also joined him on the voyage back to Vudra.2

The Sunghari of Kaina Katakha continued to live their lives until the exiled Arclords of Nex fled Nex to take over Jalmeray in 2279 AR. Unwilling to tolerate what they considered to be trespassers on their land, the Arclords magically scoured the island, genocidally exterminating the Sunghari and reducing it to ruins and ash.12

While the Sunghari who traveled to Vudra with Khiben-Sald eventually returned to Jalmaray, they have been unable to reclaim the Kaina Katakha due to the extent of the damage wreaked by the Arclords.3

Haunted ruins

The ruined island is unable to sustain life of any type due to the magical damage inflicted upon it by the Arclords of Nex millennia ago. Ruined dead trees and settlements remain standing like effigies of death and destruction, its earth is rippled in wave-like ridges, and lingering remnants of destructive magic combined with the agnozied souls of the murdered Sunghari to form powerful spell-wracked ghosts.4 Only the island's fringes remain a haven for daring smugglers.14


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