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Bronze dragon

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Bronze Dragon

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Type Dragon
CR 5–21 (by age category)
Environment Temperate coastlines

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 106-108

Bronze dragons are usually found near temperate coastlines, befitting their mastery of water. They are able to exhale electricity as a weapon. As lawful good creatures, bronze dragons have been known to ally with travelers and adventurers if the cause and reward are both right and just.[1]

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On Golarion

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Bronze dragons can be found in most parts of Golarion, apart from infernal Cheliax and undead-rife Geb. They are particularly common in Taldor, probably because of the Royal Proclamation of the Draconic Banking, issued in 1941 AR, which allows bronze dragons to set up banking operations in the cities of Cassomir, Maheto, Oppara, and Zimar without having to pay taxes.[2]