Nieran Codali

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Nieran Codali
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Elf (Spiresworn)
Class Ranger 9
Gender Male
Homeland Mordant Spire
Organization Mordant Censors[1]
Born Approximately 4569 AR

Source: The Flooded Cathedral, pg(s). 60

Nieran Codali is a tall, blue-eyed, Spiresworn elf with long black hair and a deep tan.[2]

Born into a proud old elven family, Nieran showed promise in marine hunting and tracking at an early age and he was inducted in the sea patrol of Mordant Spire in recognition of his talent.[2]

With the exception of an heirloom Azlanti belt, handed down over millennia, Nieran's wardrobe is largely of elven make and chosen to match not only his dark skin and hair but the aquatic environments in which he works and hunts.[3]

Like most of his xenophobic kin from the Mordant Spire, Nieran distrusts all outsiders that seek to explore the ruins of Azlant and shows particular contempt for humans.[3] If talking to humans is required by circumstance, Nieran is likely to address them mockingly in Azlanti and otherwise avoid direct, or respectful, communication methods. Despite the obvious disdain for humans, it pales in comparison to his hatred of alghollthus and their creations.[4]

A skilled warrior and adept spy, his actions mark him as a loyal agent of the Mordant Spire.[2]


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