Nightford Shrine

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Nightford Shrine is the home of Inma, the most powerful oni daimyo in all of Tian Xia, known as "the Empress of the World". The above-ground portion of Nightford Shrine is surprisingly humble as, nestled in a hidden valley beneath the tallest peak of the Nightford Mountains, it appears as merely a small fortress. The underground reaches of Nightford Shrine however are truly vast, extending deep into the Darklands of Tian Xia. Within this colossal complex are huge treasure vaults, entire menageries, some containing species long extinct on the surface, and entire separate complexes to house the legions of perfect slaves that Inma desires. So well equipped is Nightford Shrine that, despite Inma considering herself the "Empress of the World", she has felt no need to leave her stronghold to sample any of the rest of the world's delights in centuries.1


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