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Source: Mother of Flies, pg(s). 86-87

The nihiloi (also known as devashades or shadow lords) are alien creatures native to the Plane of Shadow who have only recently begun to make themselves known to the velstracs, shadow-walking wizards, and other invaders to their empires there. The nihiloi seek to defend their realm from intruders, and actively seek to close or destroy portals to the plane. Natives to the Plane of Shadow, nihiloi can sculpt and twist the shadowstuff of their home as easily as creatures of the Material Plane can affect the material world.1


Nihiloi appear as vaguely humanoid creatures veiled in shadows and shadowy tentacles. Nihiloi are nearly seven feet tall and raise themselves higher on shadowy tentacles, although they only weigh about 65 pounds. The tentacles are often held aloft like large wings, but the creatures also wrap them around their meals to suck up food. Although they cannot speak, they communicate with a strange gestural language and through a powerful form of telepathy.1

Habitat and ecology

Nihiloi form tightly-knit communities in the depths of the Shadow Plane. There, they draw lesser shadow beings such as shadowgarms, shadows, and fetchlings under their command into large towns and cities that are a gloomy reflection of cities on the Material Plane.1