Order of the Coil

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Order of the Coil
(Hellknight Orders)

"To counter the poisons of the soul"
Near Eleder, in Sargava
Headless snake circling three drops of poison
Fanged helmet, snakelike visage on breastplate
Bite your own flesh
Source: Path of the Hellknight, pg(s). 52

The Order of the Coil was a small Hellknight order that maintained holdings near the Sargavan (now known as Vidrian) city of Eleder, from where they viciously sought to suppress the local population. The order was first established in 4695 AR after locals destroyed that order's holdings in New Krane.123

Seeing the efforts of scholars and adventurers—particularly Pathfinders—as spreading a disease of savagery by carrying curios from the jungles into the world beyond, the Order of the Coil hunted down and destroyed such explorers and artifacts, notorious for ending these perceived corruptions with poison and flames.43

The Order of the Coil found some common ground with the Order of the Pyre and the barbarian-hunting Order of the Nail, and cooperation was not unheard of.5

The Order's current status since the people of Vidrian threw off the oppressive government of Sargava and reformed it as Vidrian, is unknown, and it may have been dissolved or completely destroyed. Lictor Vidoc, leader of the Order of the Scourge, seeks outside agents to investigate what happened to it and its members.6


The now-self-proclaimed Lictor Vitova Racnhe led the Order of the Coil. Her hatred was more personal than most of her subordinates as she blamed the locals for the death of her sister.7


Among the smallest Hellknight faction, the Order of the Coil had only about sixty members in total. Many of them were vengeful former members of the Order of the Pyre who chose to stay behind to subjugate the native peoples, but the order often attracted violent imperialists and supremacists.1