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Toulon Vidoc

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Toulon Vidoc
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Rogue 2 / Fighter 4 / Hellknight 10 (formerly Rogue 2 / Fighter 4 / Hellknight 7)[1]
Gender Male
Homeland Citadel Demain, Egorian, Cheliax
Organization Order of the Scourge,
Hellknights; Egorian Dottari (formerly)

Source: Path of the Hellknight, pg(s). 47

Toulon Vidoc is the leader of the Hellknight Order of the Scourge. He has spent all his life in Egorian and once served as a captain in its dottari, where he has a reputation as one of the best detectives in Cheliax. Lictor Vidoc is the most politically active leader of the Hellknights, who frequently appears before the imperial court to play the political game (despite his hatred of both the court and politics in general); he advocates for all Hellknight orders, and fiercely guards the independence of the Hellknights. He suspects that Queen Abrogail Thrune II is personally interested in him, but is unsure of the true nature of this interest, and has recently discovered evidence about the resurgence of the Council of Thieves.[2][3]