Toulon Vidoc

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Toulon Vidoc
Toulon Vidoc, lictor of the Order of the Scourge.

Rogue 2 / Fighter 4 / Hellknight 10 (formerly Rogue 2 / Fighter 4 / Hellknight 7)1
Source: Path of the Hellknight, pg(s). 47

Toulon Vidoc is the leader of the Hellknight Order of the Scourge. He has spent all his life in Egorian and once served as a captain in its dottari, where he has a reputation as one of the best detectives in Cheliax. Lictor Vidoc is the most politically active leader of the Hellknights, who frequently appears before the imperial court to play the political game (despite his hatred of both the court and politics in general); he advocates for all Hellknight orders, and fiercely guards the independence of the Hellknights.23


Toulon Vidoc was born into a prosperous merchant family.4


During his career in the dottari, Vidoc was more interested in the work itself than the acclaim, and was quick to let other dottari claim credit for the work he had done solving hard cases. Many senior officers, who lacked competency but had the right names for promotion, still owe their positions to Vidoc. Although Vidoc has never blackmailed them, they are aware that he could expose them at any time, and tend to accommodate his requests.5

Vidoc suspects that Queen Abrogail Thrune II is personally interested in him, but is unsure of the true nature of this interest. His investigations into Abrogail have earned him her scrutiny; Vidoc believes that the queen might be responsible for the recent rebellions against herself. After learning of Abrogail's attempt to hire Jakalyn to get rid of enemies, Vidoc has temporarily paused his investigation to reconsider his strategy, but rumour has it that he is undaunted and will resume his work soon.5 He has found it unusually convenient to find evidence about Abrogail, and has begun an investigation to determine its origin, although he is not yet aware that Vyvienne Ashurka has been responsible for planting these pieces of information.6

Vidoc has recently discovered evidence about the resurgence of the Council of Thieves.3

Vidoc has taken an interest in the disappearance of Gyr of House Gixx and the appointment of Wynsal Starborn as acting primarch, since Absalom is too important as a trading partner to fall into chaos.5

After the fall of Sargava, Vidoc has begun sending agents to find survivors of the Order of the Coil and inquire about its fate. He suspects that the Coil might have abused its power and thus the Scourge should not seek retribution, but has been forced to work through intermediaries since Hellknights are unwelcome in Vidrian.4


As a youth, Vidoc joined the dottari and enthusiastically applied himself to the work, even though Egorian's status-obsessed society made it difficult for a commoner like him to advance in the ranks. He was willing to learn from anyone who took policing seriously, regardless of rank or background.4

In one case, Vidoc uncovered that slum dwellers in Egorian were being murdered by a Skinsaw cult. To this day, he still believes that Asmodean aristocrats were covering their own murders with the Skinsaw cult's, and wonders why his superiors were so adamant to close the case despite his protests.4

In another case, when a ship in which Vidoc's parents had heavily invested was seized in the Shackles and lost with all hands, Vidoc was tipped off that this unusually savage massacre was meant to cover up something. He eventually discovered that the ship was betrayed by a competitor, who wanted to ensure that only his own ship would arrive safely, tripling his profits in the process, and that the conspirators in the Shackles were not pirates but something far worse and inhuman. He was once again forced to stop his investigation, since Egorian's dottari were not authorised to investigate crimes elsewhere. His involvement was further suspected, since his parents' fortune was lost. After the Egorian merchant responsible for the scheme died under mysterious and sudden circumstances before being brought to justice, a frustrated Vidoc left the dottari and joined the Order of the Scourge.4

Unlike in Egorian, the Order of the Scourge cared nothing about Vidoc's common birth. His reputation for precise thinking, determination, and courage, as well as his experience navigating Egorian's politics, allowed him to become lictor after less than a decade. Lictor Vidoc has pushed his men to develop new policing strategies, build up informant networks, earn the populace's trust, and not flinch from bringing villains to justice.45