Panivar Lotheed

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Panivar Lotheed
Titles Duke
Alignment Lawful evil
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Class Wizard (Conjurer) 18
Gender Male
Homeland Hyden, Taldor
Organization Immaculate Circle

Source: The Six-Legend Soul, pg(s). 58

Panivar Lotheed is the immortal leader of the Immaculate Circle, a secret society that has been manipulating Taldan politics for more than two centuries, and one of the most powerful individuals in Taldor.[1][2]


Panivar was born around three centuries ago as the eldest son and heir of his parents.[1] He was married to Veleto Lotheed, one of the few women Panivar considered his equal. After she died over a century ago, Panivar was unwilling to accept his loss, but as resurrection usually does not work on those who died of old age, he resorted to creating a trompe l'oeil duplicate to comfort and love himself.[3]

Panivar has kept his immortality a secret from his family by posing as a series of descendants and using forged birth certificates: when his great-nephew Mercater suspected that Panivar Lotheed VI was in fact the same person as Panivar Lotheed I, he had the ichkoh Ehlers murder Mercater.[4] Mercater's son Bartelby suspects the same thing, but keeps his thoughts to himself after his father's shady death.[5]


Panivar followed in his family's arcane tradition, and bonded with a canary familiar at a young age. The canary's death left Panivar with a trauma of life ending, leaving behind a cold void. He became obsessed with death, specifically the soul and its transit and purpose. His research led him to the psychopomps, and he became fascinated with them.[1]

When Panivar inherited his family's wealth, he carefully managed it to keep his holdings secure and fund his research. His previous disinterest in politics quickly gave away, as Panivar learnt the value of favours and their value.[1]

In old age, Panivar's research led him to the sahkils. He summoned and bargained with the kimenhul Thassritoum: Panivar granted Thassritoum access to the sleeping minds of his rivals, and Thassritoum shielded Panivar from the sight of psychopomps, preventing him from dying.[1]

For the next three centuries, Panivar accumulated wealth and influence as leader of the Immaculate Circle. During the reign of Grand Prince Stavian III, they learnt that he accidentally murdered his own son Carrius and kept it as a secret to blackmail Stavian. In 4717 AR, Panivar had Carrius' corpse stolen from his crypt and forcibly dragged his soul from the afterlife back to the Material Plane. To repair the damage of Carrius' soul, Panivar dispatched night hags to the Astral Plane to steal the astral imprints of six greatest Grand Princes, and used the Soul Crucible to stitch them into a soul that could function as the prince.[1][2][6]


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