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(evil, extraplanar, sahkil)
Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 214-215

Kimenhuls are the eldest and strongest of all sahkils second only to the sahkil tormentors. They feed on the fear of failure and encourage self-loathing.1


A kimenhul appears as three enormous, fused humanoid skulls with mouths full of jagged fangs atop an ever-shifting mass of limbs and faces. These limbs and faces constantly try to free themselves from the kimenhul, shrieking and wailing in fear. These faces incorporate both images from the viewer's mind and victims of the kimenhul's eternal fear ability, so sometimes a creature gazing into the kimenhul might see a familiar face. A typical kimenhul stands 25 feet tall and weighs roughly 10,000 pounds.1


A kimenhul's eternal fear ability forces non-sahkil creatures to forever hold it in the darkest corners of their minds. When a kimenhul telepathically communicates with those so affected, it constantly reminds them that they are utter failures and will never be good enough. Kimenhuls take sadistic glee from these brief mental interjections, often spending hours everyday to do so after having marked many victims. This lingering fear persists even if the kimenhul is defeated or killed and often drives the victims insane, or forces them into desperation as they attempt more and more drastic means to rid themselves of the fear. The paranoia overtakes many victims' ability to care for themselves and they constantly worry over whether they can actually achieve anything on their own as doubt and distrust seep into every thought.1

In combat, kimenhuls combine spell-like abilities with physical might. Enemies out of reach are weakened or frightened, while those nearby are at risk of being trampled or snatched up by one of the kimenhul's mouths. Kimenhuls sometimes grab enemies and abduct them to the Ethereal Plane.1


Kimenhuls never bother with so-called lesser minds, unless their intention is to cause havoc or rampant violence, preferring to focus on the brave and confident, sometimes dedicating themselves to breaking down creatures that are immune to fear effects. Kimenhuls track down people known for courage and righteousness and infect their otherwise strong minds with the static of constant fear.1

Kimenhul abductees are subjected to a host of frightening stimuli by their sahkil allies who seek to drive them mad. Kimenhuls do their best to keep their victims alive: some take their own lives, others perish from fright, while the least lucky might linger for decades.1

Kimenhuls generally linger near where a mortal peering into the Ethereal Plane might briefly glance upon them. Most come out shaken but unscathed, while those who look too long risk being marked by the kimenhul's eternal fear ability or dragged to its lair.1


Kimenhuls rarely leave the Ethereal Plane. Some particularly powerful kimenhuls carve out territory and rule over legions of sahkils, though they rarely achieve long-term control due to the fluctuating nature of sahkil hierarchy. Kimenhuls enjoy sharing stories of their conquests with fellow sahkils, bragging about how they turned proud heroes to twitchy, frightened children.1


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