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A pakalchi sahkil.
Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar, sahkil)
CR Varies
Environment Any (Ethereal Plane)
Adjective sahkil
Images of sahkils

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 212-218

Sahkils are former psychopomps who rebel against their role as soul shepherds for the River of Souls. Their knowledge of multiversal entropy drives them away from their service to reform themselves into dominating horrors of the Ethereal Plane.[1]


Sahkils most often take on forms of mortal fears and are designed to terrify those who face them into submission. There are many types of sahkil, some more powerful than others, and the greater sahkils' forms take increasingly incomprehensible shapes.[1]


While each species of sahkil has its own abilities, all sahkils revel in extending their influence into dark corners of the Material Plane, where they inspire fear and superstition. When they cross into the Material Plane to feed, they frighten the will from their prey, consume them, and destroy their soul or—in their strongest rebuke of their former roles—twist their prey's souls into undead creations.[1]


A nucol sahkil.

Each species of sahkil has its own powers. These species include:

A handful of sahkil species, such as esipils, submit to being summoned by spellcasters.[2]

The most powerful sahkils lead their kin as sahkil tormentors: secretive demigods with nightmare realms.[1]

Habitat and society

Their perversion of psychopomp duties and disruption of the metaphysical order make them mortal enemies of their former psychopomp kin. Most celestials, manasaputras, and those of lawful races also oppose sahkil schemes. Manasaputras in particular will escort valuable souls or stage daring raids against sahkils to liberate captured souls.[1]

Likewise, sahkils find that divs and daemons—all of whom also spread fear and destroy mortal souls—are willing to work with them, and kytons respect their work as abstract manifestations of terror.[1] The demigoddess Mahathallah holds a special kinship with sahkils for sharing their knowledge of the end of all things, and for her living among them for eons.[11][12] She also hosts scholarly sahkils in her temple of Adyton.[13]


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Few sahkils are known by name to mortals, though the more powerful among them are known to other divine entities across the Great Beyond.