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Carrius II

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Carrius Stavian II

Medium 1 or 20
4681 AR
(physical age: 23;
lifespan: 43 years)
4698 AR (age 17); resurrected 4718 AR1
Source: The Six-Legend Soul, pg(s). 60–61 (1E)
Legends, pg(s). 42–43 (2E)
A young Grand Prince Stavian III with his children Carrius II (left) and Eutropia.

Prince Carrius Stavian II is the younger brother and heir of Grand Princess Eutropia Stavian of Taldor. Known for his gentle, thoughtful personality, he is considered to be the most eligible bachelor in the Inner Sea region.2


Due to his death and subsequent resurrection, Prince Carrius is biologically 20 years younger than his birth date would indicate.2


Carrius is the only son and second child born to Grand Prince Stavian III. His mother Etroffe3 died when he was young and his father was unstable, so Carrius' only family was his sister.4 The two siblings were inseparable: Eutropia was the only person who could soothe Carrius' mood, and Carrius looked up to her.5 He had a strained relationship with his father, since Stavian III was paranoid of his children's personality and believed that Carrius would overthrow him.6


The Cult of the Twilight Child, which formed soon after Carrius was brought back to life, continues to worship him as Taldor's saviour, regardless of what he actually thinks.72


As the Grand Prince's heir, Carrius lived a curtailed childhood: his only friends were noble children who only arrived at prescribed times and played approved games, and a guard and food taster ensured his safety at all times.4 Nevertheless, the people of Taldor liked Carrius and believed that he would be a better ruler than his father could.6

In 4698 AR, when beating his son over horse grooming, Grand Prince Stavian III pushed Carrius down the stairs of the stable, causing his neck to snap. Stavian III and the only other witness, an Ulfen Guard named Herog Svalkson, insisted that Carrius fell from his horse and held a week of mourning. Stavian then quickly executed Herog and forbade anyone from trying to resurrect Carrius, insisting that his soul belonged to Heaven.61 Meanwhile, in the Boneyard, Carrius eventually came to terms with his death before being judged and sent to Nirvana.5

In 4717 AR, Carrius' corpse was stolen from his crypt, and his soul was dragged from the afterlife back to the Universe by the Immaculate Circle, who wished to resurrect him to serve as their puppet.8 To repair the damage of Carrius' soul, the Circle's leader Panivar Lotheed dispatched night hags to the Astral Plane to steal the astral imprints of six greatest Grand Princes, and used the Soul Crucible to stitch them into a soul that could function as the prince.9

During the War for the Crown in 4718 AR, Eutropia was assassinated and the six emperors' legends overwhelmed Carrius' soul and took over his body.9 He claimed the Lion Throne and was briefly crowned Grand Prince Carrius II before being freed from the possession, at which point Carrius stepped back to allow his sister to become Taldor's first Grand Princess. He remains her heir as well as her most valued advisor and confidante.10 Although nowhere near as powerful as he once was while possessed, he still bears a strong spiritual connection to some of the greatest of Taldor's past emperors.11


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