Patronicus Drendane

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Patronicus Drendane

Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 8

Patronicus Drendane is a signifer in the Hellknight Order of the Scourge. He is responsible for clamping down on smuggling between the Cheliax and Andoran borders. Ostensibly responsible for hunting after contraband—masterwork weapons, wines, and the like—his true interest is the information network of spies that spiders across the Inner Sea region. He manages a crack team of Hellknights that tracks and intercepts spies of foreign powers, with special focus on Andoran.1


Patronicus is in his early fifties, and is no longer the spry spy hunter that he was in the past. He grows more pious and devoted to Asmodeus as time goes on. He has piercing black eyes, a bushel of gray of hair, and is as quick to flash a open smile as a snarl of anger. The men under his command know from experience that to fail him once is to be forgiven, but to fail him twice brings great woe. He has a firm hand in a crisis, and is respected by many as a father figure.1


Patronicus' foil and archenemy is the Andoren Ries Cuprianas of the Eagle Knight order, and he spends a great deal of energy and wealth in tracking down this hated foe. Alas, all of his efforts have resulted in naught, as the wily Andoren slips through his nets again and again.1


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