Pezzacki thieves' guild

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Pezzacki thieves' guild
Type Thieves' guild
Leader Cessia Florianthus
Headquarters Torandril's Finery[1]
Goals Profit
Scope Local

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 41

The Pezzacki thieves' guild sprouted after the Chelish Navy blockaded Pezzack in 4710 AR. It deals primarily in goods, as currency has little value in town.[2]


After Second Ashes and the Chelish blockade, much of the former mercantile district on Gold Street shut down in favor of Tubmarket and Docktown. Former town accountant Cessia Florianthus used her experience, knowledge, and connections to organize and lead the town's thieves' guild out of Torandril's Finery, one of Gold Street's few intact storefronts after years of looting and anarchy.[2][3]