Amalia Wraxton

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Amalia Wraxton

Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 43

Amalia Wraxton is a seditious playwright hiding in Pezzack. The disastrous debut of her satirical play Abrogail I at the Glass on the Hill in 4710 AR sparked a destructive, violent rebellion in Pezzack.1

Before coming to Pezzack, Wraxton survived betrayal in an ill-fated group of rebels during the Chelish Civil War and spent time in Galt attempting to learn how to incite a rebellion. In Galt, she read the satirical play When Gods Fall by Pezzacki playwright Indageous Vonor, which inspired her to travel to the city and become one of his students.1

While her works inspired Andorens and Galtans to join the Pezzacki insurrection, it was Abrogail I that led to the city's Second Ashes, an uprising that resulted in the deaths of Vonor and actress Valeria Minish, the destruction of much of the city, and the Chelish Navy's subsequent blockade.1

Her theater company, the Fine Company, now serves as her bodyguards, and her continued works—particularly the long-awaited followup Abrogail II—inspire insurgent groups such as Pezzack's White Thistle.2


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