Chelish loyalists (Pezzack)

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Restoration of order under House Thrune
Soldiers, loyalists
Source: Towns of the Inner Sea, pg(s). 42

Pezzack's Chelish loyalists, led by Darjan Tauranor (son of slain governor Gracchian Tauranor) and loyal to House Thrune, bide their time in the blockaded town while waiting for new Governor Vedra Sawndannac and the Chelish Navy to re-establish diabolic rule. Until then, the mostly powerless and outnumbered faction focuses on keeping what peace they can near the heavily fortified Governor's Manse and still-operating inn The Throne Defiant.1

The loyalists are widely despised around Pezzack, though in the town's perpetual chaos, several loyalist spies still work among the town's rebel factions.2 They are sometimes pejoratively called "devilers" by their opponents.3


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