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Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 265

Porachas are eight-legged felines native to the Forest of Spirits in Tian Xia.1


Porachas resemble elongated tabby cats with eight legs and grey fur marked with olive green stripes.1

Ecology and society

Porachas are elusive creatures, and their abilities to meld with inanimate objects and to teleport for short distances mean that they are rarely encountered unless they wish to be. When porachas wish to sleep, they do so melded within an object.1

While porachas do not live or travel with their own kind outside of times of danger, they still maintain ties to one another. They also associate with kami, and more rarely with humanoids when these enter their lands. Porachas willingly help those who ask them for aid, but frequently require a favor in exchange, such as the planting of a particular sapling or the removal of a population of monsters from a specific area. Attempts to trick a poracha or to avoid the obligations of one's deal with it are ill-advised, as the creatures typically have several friends and allies among the kami and their own kind that they can call on for aid.1

On Golarion

Most porachas live within the Forest of Spirits, where they claim extensive territories, and rarely enter humanoid-ruled lands.1


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