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A glassworker of Nantambu holds a glass bauble in a decorated prosthetic hand.

A prosthesis, or prosthetic device, is a crafted device that replaces a damaged or lost body part.1 They are believed to have been invented, or at least first perfected, in ancient Azlant by worshipers of Aesocar and Amaznen2 and have been created and used continuously since.


The Azlanti church of Aesocar was the first to master the creation of prosthetic devices, and the first clockwork prosthetics were developed in cooperation with worshipers of Amaznen, the Azlanti god of invention.2 Specimens of Azlanti clockwork prostheses were, upon rediscovery in ruins millennia later, initially confused with other clockwork constructs or creations.3

These prosthetic devices were evidently designed, fitted, and customized for specific wearers. Most found devices were for hands and forearms, with one hollow end to be fitted onto the limb, but other prosthetic body parts included ears, legs, and noses.3

Recent use

Morhen, proprietor of Morhen's Mobility Apparel, uses a prosthetic arm and leg.

Common prostheses are made of wood or metal. Some incorporate clockwork1 or steam-powered technology,4 and expensive devices incorporate rarer materials.1 Prosthetic devices are built and sold in many parts of the Inner Sea region. In Absalom, the Grand Bazaar is home to Morhen's Mobility Apparel, which specializes in devices for adventurers.5

A volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles published in 4660 AR contained details about golem-based prosthetics found in the Napsune Mountains. The devices were looted and the Pathfinders involved had falsely claimed credit for their invention, leading to the article's retraction and ongoing concerns about industrial theft.6

Magical prostheses

Some prosthetic devices are magical in nature. Aether appendages, designed by psychopomps, produce an incorporeal limb that can incorporate itself temporarily at will or while holding an object.7


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