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Type Plant
CR 8
Environment Temperate forests

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 228

Quickwoods are large, carnivorous plants resembling oak trees with large, fanged mouths on their trunks and mobile, prehensile roots.[1]


Quickwoods can see through any regular oak trees in their vicinity. As such, they tend to carefully note the presence and location of any oak trees in an area when settling in a new territory. They are chiefly ambush predators that hunt by monitoring their surroundings through nearby oaks, and then grabbing passing prey with their roots. They prefer to eat humans and elves but will prey on anything approaching them.[1] Forest-dwelling kobold tribes bribe quickwoods with food to serve as sentries for their lairs.[2]

In Golarion

Quickwoods live in the Furrows of Ustalav.[3] A fiendish quickwood lives in the woods east of the gnome town of Wispil, in the Verduran Forest of Taldor. A lorestone known as the gravetaker sphere lies somewhere within its territory, but it is unclear whether the plant is aware of its existence.[4]


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