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Blightburn, a naturally occurring source of radiation in the Darklands.

Radiation in Golarion refers to poisonous emissions of natural, magical, or alien energies, and is most frequently encountered in the technological ruins of Numeria[1] and parts of the Darklands.[2] It can penetrate most materials and its effects can have variable intensity, though its strength-draining effects are slower than most poisons.[1]


Radiation can occur naturally, especially in the Darklands:

Numerous technological items can also generate hazardous levels of radiation:

Certain arcane spells, such as irradiate, also generate radiation through magical means.[7] Clerics of deities whose reach includes radiation can also irradiate objects with nauseating transmutative radiation.[8]


Radioactive energies can be detected by technological devices[9] as well as through spells.[10]


Certain types of metals, such as lead and djezet, can block certain types of radioactive energy more effectively than other materials.[2][3][6] Spells that cure the effects of poisons also cure the effects of radiation exposure in creatures,[1] as does the spell remove radioactivity, which can also remove radiation lingering in the environment and in more powerful versions drain naturally radioactive materials.[11]

A powered hazardous environment suit or panic suit can also protect its wearer from the effects of radiation,[12] as can a spacesuit.[13]

In religion

Certain deities, especially those worshiped by underground dwellers, include radiation as a subdomain of their divine oversight. Kobolds suffering from blightburn sometimes worship Trelmarixian, the Horseman of Famine.[8]