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Aliases The Eastern Blade
Titles General
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Half-fiend human (Azlanti)
Class Antipaladin 14
Gender Female
Homeland Azlant
Deity Ibdurengian
Organization Spindle Solution
Images of Rashimos

Source: Beyond the Veiled Past, pg(s). 48

Rashimos was an Azlanti general who served as the military adviser of the Spindle Solution.[1]


No longer fully human, Rashimos has glamorous scaled skin and coral-like braided hair, with the iconic Azlanti facial structure showing through. Her stark red eyes constantly weep crimson tears.[2]


Prior to joining the Spindle Solution, Rashimos already had a reputation of being a merciless, genius military commander and responsible for many victories on eastern Arcadia. However, her invasion ultimately failed, due to the intervention of many powerful politicians, including members of the Ioun Imperative. As she returned home in disgrace, Jazradan induced her into the Spindle Solution. Believing that the veiled masters were responsible for her humiliation, Rashimos became the Spindle Solution's most vehement advocate against the veiled master threat.[1][2]

When Earthfall came, Rashimos, lacking her colleagues' magic, pledged herself to the demon lord Ibdurengian. Her prayers for revenge and salvation were heard, and Rashimos transformed into an aquatic half-fiend after millennia. Ibdurengian promised her legions of demons to command against the remnants of humanity, whom Rashimos views as having failed her, and following that, against the veiled masters. Unaware that her patron was slain by Aroden, she views his silence as a test of her conviction.[1][2]


Rashimos wields a bastard sword made from throneglass which she salvaged from the ruins of the City of Golden Gates after Earthfall. It brims with demonic energy and acts as Ibdurengian's unholy symbol. A sparkling blue rhomboid ioun stone rotates around her head.[2]


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