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Grand Arcanist Jazradan.

Grand Arcanist
Source: Beyond the Veiled Past, pg(s). 60

Jazradan was the director of the Spindle Solution, a secret think tank responsible for discovering the alghollthu manipulation of ancient Azlant. He hates the alghollthus who destroyed his empire with a passion, and is determined to exterminate them by any means possible, even in undeath.1


When Jazradan was born, Pharasmin oracles hailed his birth as an auspicious moment for the empire, and proclaimed that his legacy would last for millennia, as he continues to guard the empire's ideals. Jazradan grew up as a natural leader and arcanist, and became the youngest person to be admitted to the upper echelons of the Ioun Imperative, Azlant's intelligence agency. However, after this quick rise, he found his advancement stifled, and attributed this to the result of not agreeing with the 'veiled masters', an anonymous council that was thought by conspiracy theorists to hide in the empire's government and manipulate Azlant's sociopolitics as a means to control it.12

Frustrated with the bureaucracy, Jazradan developed a hatred for the veiled masters and left his position in the Ioun Imperative to found the Spindle Solution. Publicly a think tank that developed ioun stones to improve Azlant's societal and ecological problems, in truth the Spindle Solution's actual goal was to battle the veiled masters whom Jazradan viewed as the greatest threat to Azlant. He saw it as his responsibility to ensure that Azlant's arcane might was unrivalled, and tasked his subordinates with the development of weapons of mass destruction.1

Eventually, Jazradan captured Ochymua, a veiled master who was taking human form to infiltrate one of the Spindle Solution's facilities. Thinking that his prisoner was a Mierani elf spy, he interrogated Ochymua but failed to glean the slightest information. Frustrated, he placed Ochymua in temporal stasis and prepared to transfer the prisoner to the City of the Faceless on the moon. It did not take a long time for the Azlanti government to realise that the veiled masters were real, and had been manipulating them for millennia. As the Spindle Solution redoubled its efforts to end the alghollthu threat, the alghollthus called down Earthfall to destroy Azlant, ending the Spindle Solution's schemes.123

After Earthfall, Jazradan lingered on as a ghost, refusing to accept that Azlant has fallen. He seeks to detonate the Synchrony Device to destroy the Braid, dealing a mortal blow to the alghollthus in the Sightless Sea and sealing the rest in the Darklands forever.124


Jazradan owns a helm of governance, a unique magical helmet constructed at his behest, and continues to wear the luxurious Azlanti regalia he owned in life.15


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